Document. Discuss. Decide.

Meet CQ2. A document collaboration tool, designed for thoughtfulness and coherence.

CQ2 demo screenshot

Document discussions are broken.

Document editing tools such as Google Docs and Notion Pages are built for producing content, not for thoughtfully engaging with content. Using those tools to have a discussion on a document and come to a conclusion is an unpleasant experience.

Comments are hardly given any importance. They are cramped in a tiny column, jammed into the side. There are no threads, resulting in people talking over each other and topics getting mixed up. They lack proper revision history tracking, making it hard to find what the original content was before a change made after a discussion.

Forum platforms such as Discourse are also used to discuss documents. They lack threads and inline comments. Replies to topics are spread all over the place and discussions turn into a mess.

Ready for a better way to collaborate?

CQ2 offers a better way to discuss documents and finish with clear, well-documented decisions — comments are given equal importance as the document, threads inside threads are allowed, there's a better way of handling revisions and history tracking, and more.