A better way to discuss

CQ2 is the free and open source tool for complex discussions.

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There are no chat/forum platforms built for complex discussions.

Discussions using existing platforms turn into a mess of unorganised comments. They lack structure. People talk over one another and topics get mixed up. Replies to a particular topic are spread across different comments and you're forced to mentally manage all the quotes and their replies.

In-person discussions are hit-or-miss and most often go nowhere. They are extremely hard to provide a good structure for. Instead of well-formed thoughts, you often get impulsive responses and hot takes. They favour speaking ability. Many discussions benefit from taking a break to gather evidence or think more but there's never enough time.

Organise your discussion chaos

CQ2 is the only tool specifically built for complex discussions. It's in its early stages, but it's the start of something that we think will both make discussions immensely enjoyable and radically increase productivity.

No more mess of unorganised comments

Create threads inside threads so that each thread stays on topic and organised

Forget quote hell

Create threads around specific quotes and find all replies related to a topic at one place

Conclude threads

Add conclusions to resolved threads and to the whole discussion once it's resolved

Focus on what matters

See which threads have unread comments, which are concluded and quickly go to a particular thread using CQ2's tree

Never lose context of where you are

See all parent threads of the current thread in the same view

And more coming soon!

Rich text, workspaces, custom titles for threads, mentions, slow mode, useful reactions (and not just emojis) and an AI assistant to help you find overlooked parts of the discussion.

Ready for a better way to discuss?

CQ2 is not optimized for mobile use, yet.

Please try on a desktop or laptop.

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